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Alexa Traffic Rank Track Daily With Node Js + MongoDB
Alexa Traffic Rank Track Daily With Node Js + MongoDB
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Alexa Traffic Rank Track Daily With Node Js + MongoDB

Hello Guys, i am here with my new post “Alexa Traffic Rank Track Daily With Node Js and MongoDB “. Last time i have posted about “How to increase Alexa Rank (Alexa Traffic Rank)?”. Using that tricks and tips i have really  increased my alexa rank. Okay here you can see the proof, Look at the image and My site is just 6 months old. i think is it great isn’t it?

Alexa Internet Site Comparisons of
Alexa Internet Site Comparisons of

Alexa will give you only 6 months historical data for free, and for more data you have buy premium service, ohhh my god i hate premium services. But i think alexa deserved premium services. still i want to track my historical data how can i get this? i know may be your also thinking like me, don not worry i got this.

In this tutorial i will give you solution which is completely free. you just need to follow this post nothing else.still if you need any guidance you can comment bellow, i will help you.

Use case of this script:

  • You can track Global Rank, Country Rank, Country, Bounce Rate, Daily Page per visitor, Daily time on site.
  • You can also track any website, even your competitors data.
  • Using this script you can store historical data and you can do what ever you want to do with this data.
  • Alexa will give you 6 month of historical data of Global rank, but here you can store other data including Global rank for long term in your private database.

How to Track Alexa Traffic Rank Track Daily?

software requirement:

  • Node Js
  • MongoDB

Yesterday i have released one npm package, that can scrap data from which is totally open source..

NPM link:

Github link:

using this NPM module you can track following detail of any site:

  • Global Rank
  • Country Rank with Country Name
  • Bounce Rate
  • Daily Page View Per Visitor
  • Daily Time on Site

Today i have made one script based on this NPM module, that can scrap any site details(Which is listed above) once in a 24 hour. if you have some programming language you can track site detail as many as you want.

You should know how to run node js script.  i have mentioned below how to run this script. but if you don’t understand that just Google about it, its very easy or you can comment here.

you can download script from github:,

  • Download this script.
  • Run npm install command to download all dependencies.
  • Than run node index.js command to run script.

Here is that script with explanation.

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