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Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.28 platinum latest crack
Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.28 platinum latest crack

Long Tail Pro Crack – 3.0.13 platinum working crack

i didn’t hosted this cracked file. i found this cracked file on internet. now i want to share this file with other people. go blow to download cracked file

working Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.13 platinum

hi guys lot of people are trying to get first rank in google including me. there are lot of SEO tutorial and tools. but one of the most powerful tool that i like so much it is Long Tail Pro.

i have heard about this tool in internet, and i have tried its official demo version. seriously its awesome tool. literally i found that there is one more this is Keyword Competitiveness, which helps blogger to know about  keyword competition over internet. i come to know that Long tail pro provide this facility but it is pro version. i have search about cracked version of Long Tail pro crack, and after so many search finally i found that  file. so feel that i should share that download link with you. so go down follow on social media and get the download link.

one more time i would like to mention that i don’t own that cracked file or i don’t even hosted on my website/blog. here i am just sharing external link of that crack file. if you like this post than share with your friends and follow on social media.

Here, some download links of Long Tail Pro crack 3.0.13 platinum working cracked file. go down to see how to use that cracked file.

How to use Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.13 2015 file

  1. first install trail version of Long Tail Pro.
  2. now go to installed folder (ex: c:\program file\LongTailPro).
  3. in that folder past downloaded crack file and replace original one.
  4. if it will ask for license key or email just enter random email. and if it ask for platinum version key than enter any 6-7 character in capital and it will work.

i hope this will help you.

About vinay

Vinay Pandya is Software Engineer. he has knowledge of Java, Nodejs, WordPress theme and Plugin Development, php, c#, Ajgularjs, Bootstrap, illustrator. etc he is SEO Expert. currently working as Freelancer.

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Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.28 platinum latest crack

Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.28 platinum latest crack

working Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.28 platinum hi guys lot of people are trying to …


  1. Thanks bro it’s work like charm !!! A big thanks to you for this. God bless you!!!!

  2. sir can you give grammerly cracked version or whitesmoke crack version please.

  3. Dude, for real. Thanks for that post. It works perfectly!

  4. ya bro i follow your site on Facebook

  5. guys please download latest version of long tail pro 3.0.14 crack here –>

  6. please provide wp preminium theme for free.

  7. Works like charm as of Sep 24,2015. Guys just keep trying few more attempts by logging and logging out google account including creating and deleting the projects. It worked 5th time when I removed and tried all logins and projects. Good Luck – Just keep trying, it will work 100%.

    Thanks a lot for posting and helping others man – you nailed it 🙂 Keep posting if you find any new updates as well. Cheers…

  8. Thanks bro. Could you possibly try for the latest version crack which is 3.0.24? Would be great if you could. Thanks.

  9. Hello Its not working When i fetch new keywords its still loading and i get no results Please help me

  10. Hey, Is this the crack only?
    Not sure how To use this.

  11. Hey you are really a life saver. But i must ask one thing. I tried many nulled themes before and they contained some malicious scripts within their codes. Does this one have like that too?

    I am asking because its linked to my keywords planner tool which is linked to adsense account. As ads are the only media of my earnings will this crack harm in anyway. IF not then i will literally worship you for saving $397…..

    • hi @Arijit great question.

      if this software have some malicious code like in background it is sending your personal info to hacker. for that you can download charlesproxy.

      close your all applications like browsers and other apps which is working with internet.
      now start charlse first and than start long tail pro (crack version).
      charlse will monitor all the request going from your computer, so you can check which information long tail pro is sending out side or calling some outside api etc.

      this way you can find that long tail pro is secure or not, you can confirm that your personal info is not going outside your pc.

      if you need any detailed help you can ask here. and please do share with your friend. so i can get more visits.

      Thank you Arijit.

      • YA Sure i will but i think referring merely 50-100 people won’t benefit you in a long term way. Doing SEO is the main aspect of having website on the internet. But still you saved a lot of money from my bank account. Its my duty to promote your site.

        I do have a website for my self. Its related to weight loss niche. And i was looking for this software for about an year. I guess today was my lucky day i stumbled upon your site.

        And one more thing i do have some SEO related issues now that i have full access to this tool. Can you contact me via email as i cant put my site address here. Otherwise google will think i’m promoting my site as spam on other non-related niche sites.

        You do have my email id!!! i guess

  12. Yes thats my email.

  13. Hey, I got the latest version link. I am not sure if it is working or not. Vinay can you please confirm if it is working or not? Link is

  14. Very helpul! Thank you very much!

  15. As you mentioned first we have to install Long Tail Pro trail version

    I follow this step and then Install trail LongTailPro-Version 3.0.31 trail available on their website and then replace file and open then it requires MOZ security key and access ID and when I provided it too by making account and generate ID/key it does not work and does not show anything , even the features provided in
    trail . What should I do.
    Reply early

  16. I have been checking out some of your posts and i can claim nice stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

  17. can i use your given Crack 3.0.28 .swf file with the latest 3.0.32 version? or is it only work with the 3.0.28 version?

  18. How can I get the crack? every link I try seems to lead to popups without a download.

  19. Hi vinay.
    I’m using Longtail pro trial version 3.0.32. But it always stuck at first step: checking keyword planner loaded and logged in. I tried many ways to solve the problem but it still doesn’t work. Can you help me with this problem.
    Thank you very much.

  20. hi Vinay

    How can I get this for my mac? can’t use the exe files on OS X


    • i dont know about mac go to your installation folder and just replace longtailpro.swf file with this crack file. i think it will work.

  21. Is this available for Mac? Need a .dmg file

  22. It cracked it, but it will not work. Everytime it asks to log in to adwords, it does not accept and keeps loading the pop up to log back in to adwords. Won’t find keyword seeds.

  23. can any one give the trial version download link Please

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