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Long Tail Pro crack free download
Long Tail Pro crack free download

Long Tail Pro Latest Crack

i didn’t hosted this cracked file. i found this cracked file on internet. now i want to share this file with other people. go blow to download cracked file

working Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.49 platinum

hi guys lot of people are trying to get first rank in google including me. there are lot of SEO tutorial and tools. but one of the most powerful tool that i like so much it is Long Tail Pro.

i have heard about this tool in internet, and i have tried its official demo version. seriously its awesome tool. literally i found that there is one more this is Keyword Competitiveness, which helps blogger to know about  keyword competition over internet. i come to know that Long tail pro provide this facility but it is pro version. i have search about cracked version of Long Tail pro crack, and after so many search finally i found that  file. so feel that i should share that download link with you. so go down follow on social media and get the download link.

one more time i would like to mention that i don’t own that cracked file or i don’t even hosted on my website/blog. here i am just sharing external link of that crack file. if you like this post than share with your friends and follow on social media.

Here, some download links of Long Tail Pro crack 3.0.49 platinum working cracked file. go down to see how to use that cracked file.

Note Please: if you click on download link it may open advertisement. so click 2-3 time it will open website and download crack file from there only.


LATEST: Download from here version 3.0.49 ==>

Download from here version 3.0.32 ==>

How to use Long Tail Pro Crack 3.0.49 2015 file

  1. Download the Zip folder.
  2. Extract Zip folder and open LongTailPro v3.0.49 folder.
  3. and Run LongTailPro.exe, Enjoy free Long tail pro software

i hope this will help you.

About vinay

Vinay Pandya is Software Engineer. he has knowledge of Java, Nodejs, WordPress theme and Plugin Development, php, c#, Ajgularjs, Bootstrap, illustrator. etc he is SEO Expert. currently working as Freelancer.

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  1. can u give me long tail pro 3.0.32 software?

    • sorry i didn’t get you. you are already commented on latest crack if you looking for trail version of this software than go to

  2. Hello Vinay
    Thank you for your sharing , but it is not possible to download the crack with this link:

    • this link is 200% working. its happening bcz of advertisement. click download link several times, if advertisement popup will open than ignore for moment. after some clicks you will able to download that file.

      if you need any help. just ask here.

  3. Hi Vinay

    How do mac users use this crack?


    • i dont know about mac go to your installation folder and just replace longtailpro.swf file with this crack file. i think it will work.

  4. Link is not working Please update it or upload this software at zippyshare or other

  5. I followed the instructions but am getting a pop up that says “initial content could not be found for this application. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance.” They are version 3.0.33 and the replacement file is for 3.0.32. Is there a new cracked file?

  6. Hey, do you have file for 3.0.33?

  7. Hey vinay thanks buddy for the updated file… But one thing its very important..there was an update in long tail pro 3.0.34 that lets you check multiple KC at the same time… Didnt receive that update with your 3.0.32 file… Can you help with that. Plz

  8. Vinay,
    please also give the .air file.


  9. Hi Vinny, I’m on LTP 3.028 and it’s stopped working. Would like to get the upgrade but I can only download 3.035 from the site. Do you think you will have a crack for this soon or can I download 3.032 from somewhere still?

  10. Hi Vinay,! Any luck on the latest version crack? I haven’t been able to track one down…

    • still looking @tony, if count found i will update this post and i will send post notification through the web browser, keep subscribe push notification from chrome browser. you will get update post notification.

  11. Hi everyone! Has anyone else had problems with “Global Search” results not populating?

  12. Isn’t Working, Wrong Information,

    • bcz they have updated latest version, and here it is old version i am looking for new updated crack. so when ever i’ll find new updated crack i will update here.

  13. Please Provide crack for v3.0.42

  14. Please provide the links of trial version. I don’t have software link. and please next time upload both crack and file… coz its hard to find old version trial copy. Thanks.

    BUT please send me the link of trial @

  15. Please upload the latest version crack. Latest version will be the best choice for all of us. Please try to do something.

    Visit my own blog:

  16. anybody get the latest cracked file from here?

  17. It’s working fine.Thanks a lot.Awesome crack soft. Do you have any other soft. Grammarly, Whitesmoke crack verson. plesase give crack version if you have.

  18. one thing i need to clarify. Even after this 0.49 update i am unable to see bulk KC option, where you can get KC for all keywords at once…. Isn’t this update meant for that purpose???

    • yes you are right. same i didn’t notice that. i got this crack link from one of my reader and i have shared this. its working fine but not showing multiple KC count option.

  19. Why does some keywords don’t show any keyword competition like it says ” 0″ or – and sometimes doesn’t work.

    • i recommend you to reinstall long tail pro. or use it on fresh machine it will work fine. and also make google keyword planner account with yahoo mail. some time it causes this error. some of my reader faced same problem and they solved issue.

  20. for reinstall long tail pro, did i need to reupload from the official website

    • nope no need to reinstall, just uninstall old version and in this post i have provided full crack no need to install it again, just download crack folder and run longtailpro.exe enjoy free version.

  21. when are you getting new version 3.1.0? I’ve just listened It’s awesome. waiting to get it published here.

  22. Any updated on Lontail Pro 3.1.0?

  23. it says the account is disabled after going to the download link///

  24. Hey I cant get some of the number like keyword competitiveness etc. also the website info from moz isnt loaded correctly. was working with the trial. any suggestions?


  25. Dear Vinay, Keyword Competition is not working in the version 3.0.49. It runs indefinitely without giving a number. Please help.


    • you need to uninstall previous version of this software, then download new file and try it. and see other comments bcz some user faced same problem i have provided solution.

  26. When i am trying to open longtailPro.exe it said that “This installation of this application is damaged. Try to re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance”

    • it might be damaged while you were downloading this file, download again and try again. bcz for other user its working fine.

  27. Hi

    Vinay. I am a newbie. Please help me out.
    Do i need to install trail version first? if yes i am unable to get that. Please provide the link.

    Because When i run the .exe, it is showing software window, but it is not showing any keywords for my query.

    Thank you for your efforts.

    • just download crack file you no need to download trail version. and have you installed any other version of long tail pro on your PC? bcz u need to delete all the files related to that software.

  28. this doesnt work for me. It tries to load google adwords with error “Unsupported browser”?

  29. Do you have any solution about my problem?

    when unzip and run longtailpro.exe it show this message.
    “This installation of this application is damaged. Try re-install or contacting the publisher for assistance.”

    Could you help me?

  30. vinay i want to thank you because its working fine for me a bit slow but its ok.
    my question is that when i want to calculate any keyword then it shows you need to generate api and for that i have to create an account so should i do that? because its a cracked version so could i be in trouble or else i should go for it?

  31. you do not have the latest version ? For now uses other metrics CF and TF …

  32. Hi vinay, after I installed and started to generate keyworks, it requires me to log in Google credentials. When I signed in Google from the pop-up window, it said ” for 400. That’s an error.The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.” and the Longtail Pro did not respond and stopped working? Can you help me with this problem?

  33. Hi Vinay why i can’t not log in to my google account in your longtail pro when i search keywords? any help

  34. Hi Vinay, Thanks for sharing LTP 3.0.49 crack..! Working great..! Keep up the good work.

  35. It asks me for API key

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