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Floating City in China
Floating City in China

Floating City in China

Did parallel universe open up? ‘Floating City’ filmed in skies above China

What the Fu#$ is that? holly crap. ya after watching this video this was my reaction, i was thinking that this may be video editing. but after that i have google about this and found something in news. that i would like share with you my reader, Yes i am talking about you my man or girl what ever. okay sorry that was ridiculous, just go down and read news.

Thousands of people of Jiangxi and foshan in China claim they have seen a ‘Floating City’ in the sky.

According to :

  • Residents in Jiangxi and Foshan captured the phenomenon on film
  • The event was down to an optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana 
  • It’s a type of mirage that distort objects and can be seen on land or sea
  • Conspiracy theorists claim the sighting is a test for Project Blue Beam

Is this real Floating City or phenomena a Fata Morgana? 

A Fata Morgana is a type of mirage that distort distance objects, and can be can be seen on land or sea.

It’s caused when the sun heats up the atmosphere above the land or oceans, which creates a gradient of temperatures.

The air close to the surface is relatively cool and above that, there are layers of warmer air.
When light hits a boundary between two layers that are different temperatures – and as a result different densities – it bends and travels at a different angle.

What is Project Blue Beam? 

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory which claims NASA will someday simulate an alien invasion of Earth or second coming of Christ through holograms.


“It is also possible, considering China’s technological achievements that a top secret holographic technology was tested over a heavily-populated area in an effort to gauge the public reaction,” YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible posted on YouTube.

Less excitingly, weather experts said the cloud formation was the result of a natural phenomenon called Fata Morgana, a type of mirage which distorts objects as a result of atmospheric and temperature changes.


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